The natural language processing group at UMass Amherst is made up of faculty and students from the College of Information & Computer Sciences, as well as affiliated members in linguistics, social sciences and humanities. Our research spans a diverse range of topics, including computational social science, information extraction, neural language modeling and representation learning, question answering, and digital humanities.

In addition to working on NLP, we also do fun stuff like gokarting, minigolf, and hiking!


Feb 1, 2023 Two papers from UMass NLP to appear at EACL 2023! Papers on improving human evaluation of long-form summarization and unified guidelines for coreference resolution.
Nov 1, 2022 All four UMass NLP core faculty are recruiting PhD students for Fall 2023! If you’re interested, please see here for application instructions. :sparkles:
Nov 1, 2022 Seven papers from UMass NLP to appear at EMNLP 2022, and four additional papers from UMass NLP affiliates! Papers on decoding with large ranking models, zero-shot cross-lingual summarization, retrieval-augmented LMs, document-level literary translation, nearest neighbour search for with matrix factorization, and datasets for analyzing Chinese LMs and MT metrics.
Apr 7, 2022 Four papers to appear at ACL 2022 on a retrieval benchmark for literary analysis, word2box, softmax bottleneck in LMs and event-event relation extraction.
Apr 7, 2022 Five papers to appear at NAACL 2022 on long-form QA, challege dataset for long-range LMs, dataset of discourse in peer reviews, AMR parsing and entity linking.