Affiliated Faculty in Computation and Language

Natural language processing is part of a broader multidisciplinary study of computation and language:

  • Computational methods to effectively generate, analyze, and ideally understand natural language (natural language processing).
  • Computational modeling of how humans process and use language (computational linguistics; e.g., in linguistics, psychology, etc.).
  • Computational study of language in society and culture, and NLP for automated content analysis (cultural analytics; e.g. in political science, literature, media studies, etc.).
  • Using NLP to make practical tools for users (e.g. in information retrieval, human-computer interaction, educational technology, multimodal systems, etc.).

We list below many faculty at UMass Amherst who teach, research, and collaborate across these related areas. While dividing a multidisciplinary space is always imperfect, for convenience we show faculty in three roughly disciplinary groups: CICS, Linguistics, and the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Information and Computer Sciences

photo of Andrew Lan

Andrew Lan

Educational content generation, learner assessment from text

photo of Andrew McCallum

Andrew McCallum

Machine learning, information extraction, knowledge bases

photo of Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

NLP for computational social science, social factors in NLP

photo of Hamed Zamani

Hamed Zamani

Information retrieval and recommendation

photo of Hong Yu

Hong Yu

UMass Lowell; adjunct affiliate in CICS
Biomedical NLP

photo of James Allan

James Allan

Information retrieval and controversy detection

photo of Laure Thompson

Laure Thompson

Cultural analytics, interpretability, data-centric interventions

photo of Madalina (Ina) Fiterau

Madalina (Ina) Fiterau

Clinical NLP, multimodal learning

photo of Mohit Iyyer

Mohit Iyyer

Text generation, QA, representation learning, narratives

photo of Narges Mahyar

Narges Mahyar

Human-computer interaction and civic technology

photo of Przemyslaw Grabowicz

Przemyslaw Grabowicz

Computational social science, fair and explainable ML

photo of Razieh Negin Rahimi

Razieh Negin Rahimi

Information retrieval and explainable search

photo of Subhransu Maji

Subhransu Maji

Visual recognition, interpretable AI

photo of W. Bruce Croft

W. Bruce Croft

Information retrieval


See also the Computational Linguistics research area page on the Linguistics website.

photo of Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon

Computational psycholinguistics

photo of Gaja Jarosz

Gaja Jarosz

Computational phonology, learnability, and acquisition

photo of Joe Pater

Joe Pater

Phonology and computational models of human learning

photo of Kristine Yu

Kristine Yu

Computational prosody, phonetics, phonology

photo of Michael Becker

Michael Becker

Computational phonology, minoritized languages

photo of Rajesh Bhatt

Rajesh Bhatt

Syntactic theory, Hindi/Urdu treebanks

photo of Shota Momma

Shota Momma

Psycholinguistics, syntax

Social Sciences and Humanities

photo of Doug Rice

Doug Rice

Political Science
Computational legal studies

photo of Ethan Zuckerman

Ethan Zuckerman

Public Policy, Comm., and Information
Media attention, digital governance

photo of Justin Gross

Justin Gross

Political Science
NLP and content analysis of political ideologies and media

photo of Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris

Historical linguistics and non-literal language

photo of Weiai Wayne Xu

Weiai Wayne Xu

Digital platforms, text models, polarization, disinformation